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Format: Vinyl
Artist: Big Brother And The Holding Company
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Big Brother and the Holding Comp vinyl

Big Brother & The Holding Company were leading lights on San Francisco's psychedelic scene in the late 1960s, alongside Jefferson Airplane and The Grateful Dead. Their brand of blues-inspired psychedelic folk rock epitomised the Bay Area sound of the time.

Much of the band's success was down to their charismatic lead singer, Janis Joplin, who would go on to enjoy a highly successful solo career, albeit one cut short by her death in 1970 from a drug overdose.
Record One comprises ten tracks originally recorded in January 1967 at The Matrix club and only recently rediscovered by surviving band members some four decades on. Those on Record Two were recorded in July 1966 at California Hall and prior, to release on CD by Charly in 2006, had hitherto only been available on poor quality bootlegs.
A deluxe 2LP set comprising recordings made at the height of the band's creativity. 24-bit re-mastered for release by the group.

1. Bye, Bye, Baby (4:11)
2. Great White Guru (5:45)
3. Women Is Losers (5:07)
4. Oh! My Soul (2:34)
5. Caterpillar (4:09)

1. It's A Deal (2:11)
2. Hi Heel Sneakers (3:37)
3. Faster, Pussycat, Kill! Kill! (2:23)
4. Turtle Blues (6:45)
5. Light Is Faster Than Sound (6:28)
1. Let The Good Times Roll (2:38)
2. I Know You Rider (3:14)
3. Moanin' At Midnight (4:57)
4. Hey, Baby (2:51)
5. Down On Me (2:45)
6. Whisperman (1:46)
7. Women Is Losers (3:48)
1. Oh! My Soul (2:34)
2. Ball And Chain (6:43)
3. Coo-coo (2:30)
4. Harry (0:34)
5. In The Hall Of The Mountain King (6:52)