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Format: vinyl
Artist: Flotilla
CatNo: HOHUM006
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Flotilla Flotilla EP vinyl
Released in 2010, a limited edition 10" vinyl release from Flotilla, the Electronica outfit formed by Alex Pilkington (Custom Blue) and Warp artist Mark Tucker in 2009.
Behave opens with an extraordinary wave of analogue synth before coming alive with an insistent beat a child's voice breaking through the darkness. Cathedral, with its vibraphone hook and rolling beat offers a peek in to a sinister world of forbidden alleyways, dark nights and paranoia. Either side of these moody pieces are Crusty, a minute of filtered noise and the delicious On A Street, in which ambient noises of cars, parents and kids become soft dreamy synth pads and rhythms. 
Hypnotic and chilled.
'The Godfather meets DJ Shadow.' - Boomkat
1. Behave (5:57) 
2. Crusty (1:01) 
3. Cathedral (4:04) 
4. On A Street (3:43)