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Format: Book/Magazine
Artist: Steven Wilson
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Steven Wilson Limited Edition Of One Special Edition Book CD
Limited Edition of One is unlike any other music book you will ever have read.
Part the long-awaited memoir of Steven Wilson, whose celebrated band Porcupine Tree began as teenage fiction before unintentionally evolving into a reality that encompassed Grammy-nominated records and sold-out shows around the world (prior to SW starting an even more successful solo career).
Part the story of a twenty-first century artist who achieved chart-topping mainstream success without ever becoming part of the mainstream. From Abba to Stockhausen, via a collection of conversations and thought pieces on the art of listening, the rules of collaboration, lists of lists, personal stories, professional adventurism (including food, film, TV, modern art), old school rock stardom, how to negotiate an obsessive fanbase and survive on social media, and dream-fever storytelling.
The Special Edition is packaged in a beautifully designed slipcase and contains a 70-minute CD of ‘audio illustrations’ drawn from SW’s personal cassette archive, including everything from musical extracts from school bands to early demos by Porcupine Tree and No-Man (many of which are previously unreleased) and an exclusive supplementary edition containing 128 pages of additional material, and featuring never-before-seen photographs from Steven’s personal collection.
1. Steven Wilson – ‘Remembrance’ (mid-1981)
2. Early Bands (1981–3)
3. Altamont – ‘Sutton Hoo’ (August 1983)
4. Steven Wilson – ‘Wasteland’ (March 1984)
5. Steven Wilson – ‘Constellation’ (February 1985)
6. Steven Wilson – ‘Seen’ (June 1986)
7. Steven Wilson – ‘The Life and Times of Sigmund Freud’ (October 1985)
8. Steven Wilson – ‘I May Be Some Time’ (February 1986)
9. Steven Wilson – ‘Russia on Ice’ (June 1987)
10. Steven Wilson – ‘Next Stop Wonderland’ (June 1987)
11. Blazing Apostles – ‘Freak of Nature’ (September 1987)
12. God – ‘Bad Dreams’ (1987)
13. God – ‘Love’ (1987)
14. No Man Is an Island – ‘Faith’s Last Doubt’ (August 1987)
15. No Man Is an Island – ‘Screaming Head Eternal’ (August 1987)
16. No Man Is an Island – ‘Beaten by Love’ (November 1987)
17. No-Man – ‘Flowermouth’ (1989)
18. Porcupine Tree – ‘Radioactive Toy’ (first version, late 1987)
19. CDnow (online store)
20. DMX (digital radio)
21. Ford Fiesta
22. Lyons Maid Solero
23. McVities (biscuits)
24. The Observer (newspaper)
25. Sony PlayStation
26. The Telegraph (newspaper)