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Format: Vinyl
Artist: Porcupine Tree
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Porcupine Tree House Of Blues Dark blue double vinyl
A limited one-off pressing on dark blue vinyl of Porcupine Tree's live recording from 2003, House Of Blues.
In a gatefold sleeve with printed inner bags.
In the Summer of 2003, Porcupine Tree teamed up with Opeth for a co-headlining tour of North America, performing 15 shows in Canada and USA. This recording captures the band's set at the House of Blues in Los Angeles on 30th July. The band went on first on this particular evening, playing a set of around 90 minutes. Mixed for the first time from the multitrack recording, this is the complete performance with the exception of second encore Trains which suffered from issues due to a guitar string break.
Recorded live at the House of Blues, Los Angeles on 30th July 2003.
Restored and remixed from the 24 track ADAT tapes in 2020.  Original recording supervised by Ian Bond. Cut from 48k / 24 bit audio files. 33rpm.
1. Blackest Eyes  05:29
2. Shesmovedon  05:24
3. Gravity Eyelids  07:41
1. Futile  07:49
2. Even Less  07:15
3. Slave Called Shiver  04:38
4. Waiting  04:42
1. Hatesong  08:42
2. Russia on Ice  12:08
1. Moon Touches Your Shoulder 06:36
2. Strip the Soul  07:45
3. Wedding Nails  05:54

Restored and remixed from the 24 track ADAT tapes in 2020.  Original recording supervised by Ian Bond.

Richard Barbieri - synthesizers and keyboards 
Colin Edwin - bass guitar 
Gavin Harrison - drums 
Steven Wilson - lead vocals, guitars 
John Wesley - guitars, backing vocals 

Photos: Lasse Hoile 

All songs by Wilson except: 

Futile - Harrison / Wilson 
Hatesong and Strip the Soul - Edwin / Wilson 
Wedding Nails - Barbieri / Wilson 
Russia On Ice - Barbieri / Edwin / Maitland / Wilson 

Cut from 48k / 24 bit audio files. 33rpm.