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Bass Communion Untitled Boxset
A deluxe 4 CD box set on ToneFloat collecting many Bass Communion rarities, most of which were previously only released on vinyl. Each disc comes in its own mini LP sleeve, collectively housed in a hardback slipcase box, with a 60 page booklet, all designed by Carl Glover, who has created all of the sleeve artwork for Bass Communion over the years. The set contains over 4 hours of music in total.
CD1 contains the Vajrayana 7 inch single from 2004, the Indicates Void vinyl LP from 2005, plus the bonus track from side 4 of the vinyl edition of Ghosts on Magnetic Tape. The 2 tracks from Vajrayana are full length versions that were previously edited down for the single.
CD2 is a reissue of the Pacific Codex album recorded in 2006. Originally also planned as a vinyl release, the extreme low frequencies and near silent passages in the piece proved problematic, so it was eventually released on CD by Equation Records as a very limited edition in 2008.
CD3 collects 5 remixes done for Darkroom, The Use of Ashes, Theo Travis, Andrew Liles, and Pyramids, most of which make their first appearance on CD. The Theo Travis remix is a previously unused version. Bass Communion remixes are usually complete reconstructions, taking a few sounds from the original piece and using them as the basis to create a unique piece.
CD4 collects the Litany 12 inch single from 2009, and a remix for Three Seconds of Air previously only released on vinyl. The set concludes with an unreleased work called Temporal, recorded in 2012 using only the sounds of clocks and other time-keeping devices as a sound source (an homage to Harrison Birtwistle’s 1971 piece Chronometer, which used the same approach). An edited version of it was heard in quadrophonic as the introduction to The Watchmaker on the recent SW band tour.
Vajrayana / Indicates Void
1. Vajrayana 8:46
2. Aum Shinrikyo 9:11
3. Ghosts On Magnetic Tape - Outtake 16:04
4. Indicates Void I 10:40
5. Indicates Void II 8:21
6. Indicates Void III 11:16
7. Indicates Void IV 9:18
Pacific Codex
1. Pacific Codex 40:21
1. After Dark 9:30
2. Mousehill 10:00
3. Behind These Silent Eyes 18:48
4. 537171NR848492C 19:42
5. Wvndrkmmer 8:30
Litany / Temporal
1. Litany 1 6:43
2. Litany 2 15:25
3. The Flight Of Song 22:17
4. Temporal A 10:10
5. Temporal B 10:25