A vinyl only release of 2 minimal Bass Communion reworkings of industrial noise group Precision Surgery. The album is issued by experimental music label Kurzwellen (affliated to Dutch label ToneFloat, who have released many SW projects over the years) on the same day as the Precision Surgery album from which the source material originates (Kurzwellen 7).
Each Kurzwellen edition is a hyper limited edition vinyl housed in a 24x36inch silkscreen poster sleeve with suitably grim black and white imagery. This release is destined to become one of the rarest of all SW releases, limited to just 300 copies, we have just a handful. We also have a few copies of the Precision Surgery album.
Side A
Veikindi (BC inversion) 21:18
Side B
Hinterkaifeck (BC inversion) 10:37