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Bass Communion And No Birds Sing Cassette Steven Wilson
And No Birds Sing is Steven Wilson's soundtrack to the work in progress movie of the same name.
Limited to 200 copies world wide, professionally dubbed on a silver/metallic shell, housed in a clear/silver case, a hand numbered obi-strip and the striking grey/orange artwork created by long-time SW collaborator Carl Glover. Numbered 6-50.
Steven says,
“These are 2 pieces that originated as sound design / soundtrack material for the work in progress movie And No Birds Sing. 
This first 28 minute sequence is assembled from material created for the film, dark industrial sound design, with cavernous metal scrapes, water drips, subterranean drones, and shortwave radio transmissions.
The second theme piece is more beautiful and harmonic, built around a sequence of chords in regular intervals that only arrives back at the beginning after moving through 24 different piano chords. 
And No Birds Sing is a story that crosses genres, having aspects of Psychological Thriller, Horror and Mystery. Reality merges with film and the supernatural when a London director starts to experience strange events and is forced to confront his troubled past. The film blurs the lines of reality, memory and fiction where sound constantly motivates the twists and turns of the action."
Limited to 1 per person.
And No Birds Sing was originally released on Bandcamp as a digital only release on June 16 2021.
1. And No Birds Sing (Soundtrack) 27:52
2. And No Birds Sing (Theme) 13:24