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Format: cd
Artist: Bass Communion
CatNo: imprec193
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molotov and haze bass communion cd steven wilson

The brand new 2008 CD by Bass Communion features 4 layered guitar drone pieces, 2 noisy and 2 transcendently beautiful. Aquarius Records say "..expansive and delicate crystalline soundscapes, minimal and hushed, deep and resonant, deep tones, layered low end, all deftly assembled into a mysterious otherworldly droneworld. Instead of hushed and whispery, the opener here is caustic and crumbling, a field of ragged, distorted, blown out tones, a layered expanse of grinding buzz, but beneath it, angelic melodies shimmer and hum, transforming the track into something subtly beautiful, a sprawling prickly sonic squall wrapped around a dreamlike core."

1. Molotov 1502 (15.30)
2. Glacial 1602 (13.10)
3. Corrosive 1702 (12.26)
4. Haze 1402 (23.10)