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Format: Vinyl
Artist: Gryphon
CatNo: PLG088
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Gryphon Get Out Of My Fathers Car Vinyl

Get Out Of My Father's Car! is the seventh studio album from the legendary Gryphon

180g black vinyl edition cut from hi-res masters.

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Side One
1. Get Out Of My Father’s Car (Graeme Taylor/Brian Gulland) 4.04
2. A Bit of Music By Me (Andy and Gary Findon) 4.47
3. Percy The Defective Perspective Detective (Brian Gulland) 2.30
4. A Stranger Kiss (Clare Taylor) 4.19
5. Suite for ’68 (Andy and Gary Findon) 5.03
6. The Brief History of a Bassoon (Graeme Taylor) 2.57
Side Two
1. Krum Dancing (Graeme Taylor/Andy Findon) 5.25
2. Forth Sahara (Rob Levy) 3.46
3. Christina's Song (Clare Taylor/Christina Rossetti) 3.40
4. Normal Wisdom From The Swamp… (a sonic tonic) (Brian Gulland) 5.10
5. Parting Shot (Graeme Taylor) 5.52