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Format: CD
Artist: Greg Lake
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Greg Lake The Anthology A Musical Journey 2CD ELP
A comprehensive career-spanning Greg Lake collection compiling early recordings, King Crimson, ELP album tracks and singles, plus solo pieces and collaborations.
Deluxe hardback media book double CD, including 60 page booklet with many unseen photos, extensive notes and tributes to Greg. 
Features final version of Greg’s Closer To Believing, recorded in 2014.
Produced in association with Greg Lake’s family and ELP manager Stewart Young.
1 Peace - A Beginning
2 Don't Go 'Way Little Girl (Single Mix)
3 Love (Single Mix)
4 The Court Of The Crimson King (Live At Fillmore West, USA, 15th December 1969)
5 Take A Pebble
6 Lucky Man
7 The Only Way (Hymn)
8 Oh My Father (2012 Stereo Mix)
9 The Great Gates Of Kiev
10 From The Beginning
11 Trilogy (1st Section) 
12 The Endless Enigma, Part 2
13 Still ... You Turn Me On 
14 Tarkus: vi. Battlefield (Including 'Epitaph'. Live, 1973/74)
15 I Believe In Father Christmas  (Original Single Version)
16 Closer To Believing (Final Version, Previously Unreleased) 
1 C'est La Vie
2 Lend Your Love To Me Tonight
3 For You
4 Black And Blue
5 It Hurts
6 Haunted
7 Slave To Love
8 Touch And Go
9 Affairs Of The Heart
10 Paper Blood
11 Watching Over You (Live, 1990s)
12 The Sage (Live, 1994)
13 21st Century Schizoid Man (Live At Hammersmith Odeon, London on 5th November 1981)
14 I Talk To The Wind (Live, 2012)
15 Karn Evil 9 - 1st Impression Part 2 (Live, 2012, With Greg Spoken Intro)
16 Peace - An End