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Artist: Tangerine Dream
Availability: 17-05-2019
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Tangerine Dream Live At Coventry Cathedral Tony Palmer boxset
Tony Palmer's legendary film of Tangerine Dream.
This deluxe edition brings together both the film DVD - Region 0 NTSC 16:9 Aspect Ratio - and concert memorabilia together for the first time, along with a signed and numbered certificate by Tony Palmer the director.
DVD (ntsc, region 0)
Signed (by Director, Tony Palmer) Numbered certificate
Tangerine Dream Ricochet Press Pack
24 page 1975 Tangerine Dream Tour Programme
Coventry Cathedral ticket
10″ × 8″ black and white promotional photos 
Film director Tony Palmer had always been deeply unsatisfied with his film of Tangerine Dream. For one thing, it contained the wrong music!
Palmer explains: "Well, it was a cunning piece of Richard Bransonism! That is, it was the soundtrack of the yet-to-be-released album. So, he was doing a cunning bit of PR, because what they played in Coventry cathedral was music from two existing albums and that was of no interest to him whatsoever. What was interesting for Richard, and what was important for Richard - I respect that, of course - was to promote the new, not-yet-released album. And I was a sucker, and I fell for it, and we cut all the pictures to the new, yet-to-be-released album. So what we’ve done this time is we’ve actually gone back and listened again to the music they did actually play, and of course now, I realise that it was quite different. And I’ve had to recut not all the pictures, but a great many of the pictures to that soundtrack." 
This DVD also contains footage of Tangerine Dream from the music programme, All You Need is Love.