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Artist: Jack Bruce
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Jack Bruce Rope Ladder To The Moon Tony Palmer DVD

"Jack Bruce is maong the finest bass players I have ever heard. In fact, he's probably the very best bass player I have ever heard. What always astonished me about the three crazy musicians who made up Cream, was the extent to which each of them - Baker, Bruce and Clapton - seemed determined to play the other two right off the stage, constantly shifting the beat and the harmonies as if to say: "See if you can follow that!" And of course the other two could and did.It was thrilling to hear, although it must have been scary to do. They were devious, determined and brilliant. It was some of the greatest music making I was ever privileged to hear..."  Tony Palmer

Region 0 NTSC 16:9 Aspect Ratio

1 Tony Palmer's 1969 Film about Jack Bruce 56:00
2 Interview 30:00