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Tim Bowness Giancarlo Erra Fripp Lost And Found free download
This week’s free (lock)download is a brand new April 2020 Giancarlo Erra mix of the 2011 Memories Of Machines track Lost And Found In The Digital World
Created out of a haunting Robert Fripp Soundscape that RF had sent to Tim Bowness, the piece also includes a beautiful contribution from the award-winning Estonian Jazz trumpeter Aleksei Saks.
Available as an mp4 and 24 bit download along with a hi-res pdf (featuring a cover and lyrics).
The track will form part of a retitled, expanded, remastered and remixed Memories Of Machines' Warm Winter reissue.
Expected sometime in 2020 or 2021, the album will be reissued under the Tim Bowness/Giancarlo Erra name with all new artwork from Caroline Traitler.