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Format: vinyl
Artist: Gentle Giant
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Gentle Giant 4lp bundle vinyl

A bundle of the first four Gentle Giant LPs, Gentle Giant (1970), Acquiring The Taste (1971), Three Friends (1972) and Octopus (1972).


Acquiring The TasteGentle Giant's second album from 1971, featured a winning combination of complex compositions, haunting melodies and inventive production (courtesy of Tony Visconti). 
Produced by the band, Three FriendsGentle Giant's third album from 1972 was an ambitious concept release that contained several of their greatest compositions (including the beguiling Schooldays).
Octopus, from 1972, was one of Gentle Giant's most accomplished and accessible releases blending the band's abundant imagination with a collection of strong melodies and focused performances. 
Less complex than what followed, Gentle Giant's 1970 debut contained much-loved pieces such as Funny Ways and Alucard that served notice of a unique talent that would soon be more fully realised. 


Acquiring The Taste

Side A
1. Pantagruel's Nativity
2. Edge Of Twilight
3. The House, The Street, The Room
4. Acquiring The Taste
Side B
1. Wreck
2. The Moon Is Down
3. Black Cat
4. Plain Truth
Three Friends
1 Prologue 6:13
2 Schooldays 7:37
3 Working All Day 5:12
1 Peel The Paint 7:31
2 Mister Class And Quality 3:22
3 Three Friends 5:26


Side A
1. The Advent Of Panurge
2. Raconteur Troubadour
3. A Cry For Everyone
4. Knots
Side B
1. The Boys In The Band
2. Dog's Life
3. Think Of Me With Kindness
4. River
Gentle Giant
Side A
1. Giant
2. Funny Ways
3. Alucard
4. Isn't It Quiet And Cold?
Side B
1. Nothing At All
2. Why Not?
3. The Queen