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Artist: Dizrhythmia
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Dizrhythmia Dizrhythmia Too cd
Dizrhythmia is the collective name adopted in the 1980s by Jakko Jakszyk, Gavin Harrison, Danny Thompson and Pandit Dinesh. 
With Jakszyk and Harrison currently in King Crimson, Thompson an in-demand session player and Dinesh providing TV soundtracks and innumerable guest spots, opportunities for the quartet to combine its talents have been relatively few. 28 years after its inventive debut, 2016 unexpectedly offers up the fascinating Too.
An eclectic mixture of Jazz, Rock, Pop and elements drawn from Indian music, Dizrhythmia Too showcases world-class playing and a unique chemistry.  
1. Chinese Doll
2. Secrets And Lies
3. Trust Me I'm A Healer
4. How Did I Let You Get So Old
5. Return To My Little Town
6. Never Land
7. Lament For Bobby
8. Heal Me, I'm A Trustee
9. When The War Is Over