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Format: CD
Artist: Fjieri
CatNo: ER-CD02/15
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Fjieri Words Are All We Have cd
6 years after its debut album Endless, Fjieri return with the brilliant Words Are All We Have.
As before, the band, led by Stefano Panunzi and Nicola Lori, are joined by an impressive cast of guest musicians, including Jakko M Jakszyk, Tim Bowness, 05Ric, Mike Applebaum, Nicola Alesini and Gavin Harrison.
Co-produced by Jakszyk, Words Are All We Have presents a sophisticated combination of Art Rock and Progressive Rock influences that incorporate tasteful atmospherics, melancholy melodies,  driving rhythms, twisting fretless bass lines and imaginative riffs (recalling aspects of Porcupine Tree, Eno, Japan, King Crimson and No-Man). 
Six years in the making, Words Are All We Have is a more than worthy successor to Endless.
Includes a cover version (sung by Jakszyk) of the rare Bowness/Barbieri song, Flame.
1) Oriental dream (Lori/Panunzi) (5.52)
2) The city lights (Jakszyk/Lori/Panunzi) (5.48)
3) Before I met you (Jakszyk/Lori/Panunzi) (5.16)
4) Not waving, but drowing (Jakszyk/Lori/Panunzi) (5.24)
5) It would all make sense (Jakszyk/Lori/Panunzi) (5.24)
6) Flame (Barbieri/Bowness) (5.03)
7) Sati (Lori/Panunzi) (5.38)
8) Hidden lives (Bowness/Lori/Panunzi) (6.54)
9) In the morning (Jakszyk/Lori/Panunzi)  (6.03)
10) Zombie love (Jakszyk/Lori/Panunzi) (5.47)
11) Damaged goods (Jakszyk/Lori/Panunzi) (6.26)
12) Those words (Words are all we have) (Jakszyk/Lori/Panunzi) (4.35)

Nicola Alesini / sax Mike Applebaum / trumpet Tim Bowness / vocal (on Hidden Lives) Cristiano Capobianco / drums Gavin Harrison / drums Daniele Iacono / drums Jakko M Jakszyk / vocal, guitar (on 9 tracks) Nicola Lori / bass, guitars Stefano Panunzi / keyboards, programming Giampaolo Rao / drums 05Ric / bass, guitar Angelo Strizzi / drums