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Format: CD
Artist: The Other Two
CatNo: FBN390CD-FBN127CD
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The Other Two Super Highways The Other Disc New Order CD
An expanded CD edition of the second album by The Other Two, the electronic pop duo comprising Stephen Morris and Gillian Gilbert of New Order. Includes 9 track bonus CD, The Other Disc.
The Other Two came into being in 1990, spurred by Morris and Gilbert's work on television soundtracks, as well as a temporary lull in New Order activity during which Electronic (Bernard Sumner) and Revenge (Peter Hook) also released sidebar albums. Recorded for Factory Records, debut O2 album The Other Two & You was finally released in 1993, produced by the duo with synthpop maestro Stephen Hague.
Super Highways, the second O2 album, followed in 1999. Produced by Stephen and Gillian with Tim Oliver, vocals are shared by Gillian and Melanie Williams, best known for her guest vocal on hit single Ain't No Use by Sub Sub. The title track was also issued as a single, augmented with remixes by Andy Votel and Cevin Fisher.
The 3 bonus tracks on the CD include the Fisher and Votel mixes, as well as a clubby K-Klass remix of Tasty Fish from the debut album. Cover art by Peter Saville and Howard Wakefield. 
Including 9 track bonus CD, The Other Disc, featuring the two versions of Swing released on a limited edition 12-inch single in 2011, along with six more versions including remixes by members of Factory Floor, and rare track Satisfied.
1. You Can Fly
2. Super Highways
3. The River
4. One Last Kiss
5. Voytek
6. Unwanted
7. New Horizons
8. Cold Feet
9. The Grave
10. Hello
11. Ripple
12. Weird Woman
13. Super Highways (Votel Mix)
14. You Can Fly (Cevin Fisher Mix)
15. Tasty Fish (K-Klass Mix)
The Other Disc
1 Swing Inside
2 Swing Outside
3 Swing Robot
4 FF Dom remix
5 Swing Low
6 FF Gabe remix
7 Swing Inside 2
8 FF Nik remix
9 Satisfied