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The Durutti Column Vini Reilly 2CD
An expanded and remastered 2CD edition of Vini Reilly, the brilliant seventh studio album The Durutti Column
This 2020 version includes 23 bonus tracks, including the companion EP WOMAD Live.
Featuring imaginative use of sampled voices and produced by Vini Reilly and Stephen Street, the line-up of Vini Reilly and Bruce Mitchell is augmented by Andy Connell on keyboards and Chinese opera singer Liu Sola.
Disc 1
1. Love No More
2. Pol in G
3. Opera I
4. People's Pleasure Park
5. Red Square
6. Finding the Sea
7. Otis
8. William B
9. They Work Every Day
10. Opera II
11. Homage to Catalonia
12. Requiem Again
13. My Country
14. Otis (WOMAD live)
15. English Landscape Tradition (WOMAD live)
16. Finding the Sea (WOMAD live)
17. Bordeaux (WOMAD live)
Disc 2
1. Opera II (demo)
2. Finding the Sea I
3. PPP (demo)
4. Juan Montero Sketch I
5. Sample Tune
6. Finding the Sea II
7. Juan Montero Sketch II
8. William B (demo)
9. Sketches on Stratocaster
10. Dry
11. Paradise Passage Road
12. Les Preger's Tune
13. Buddhist Prayer
14. Misere
15. Real Drums - Real Drummer
16. Pathway
17. Rob Grey's Elegy
18. Shirt No. 7
19. For Steven Patrick