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Format: CD
Artist: Dim Gray
Availability: 02-09-2022
CatNo: EERCD0031
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Dim Gray Firmament CD
Firmament - Dim Gray’s ambitious 2022 release - weaves a route from string-infused chamber pop, through evocative indie-folk and lush electronics and into grandiose art rock.

Thematically, the album further explores the landscape of melancholy and longing that was introduced on the band’s debut Flown. 
Released on English Electric Recordings, the label run by UK prog titans Big Big Train. Gregory Spawton of BBT states: 
“We are delighted to announce that we have signed Dim Gray. Until now, the label has just been a vehicle for Big Big Train and outside projects of BBT band members. We have been interested in expanding the label’s activities for some time but only wanted to do so when we came across a truly exciting band that we felt had something new to offer musically.”
CD in digipak with 12-page booklet.
The band's keyboard player Oskar Holldorff is deputising on BBT's 2022 tour.
1  Mare

2  Ashes

3  Undertow

4  Avalon | The Tide

5  52~

6  Abalus | In Time

7  Long Ago

8  My Barren Road

9  Cannons

10  Iron Henry

11  Firmament

12  Meridian

Håkon Høiberg – electric and acoustic guitars, mandolins, lead vocals on 9 and parts of 1, 6 and 7, backing vocals
Oskar Holldorff – vocals, keyboards, electronic percussion, programming, orchestration
Tom Ian Klungland – drums, acoustic and electronic percussion, backing vocals
Ellen-Martine Gismervik – cello
Hanna Nicoline Krohn Moland – violin
Halvor Rollag – electric bass
Guro Røvik Marstad – flute on Avalon | The Tide
Grégoire Blanc – saw and theremin on Iron Henry
Recorded in and around Oslo in 2021
Violin, cello, drums, grand piano and electric guitars recorded at Stable Studios, engineered by Leif Johansen
Upright piano recorded at Vaterland Studio, engineered by Petter Stubberud Tysland
1, 7 and 8 – music by Høiberg, lyrics by Høiberg/Holldorff
2, 3, 5, 11 and 12 – music and lyrics by Holldorff
4 – music by Høiberg/Holldorff, lyrics by Holldorff
6 – music and lyrics by Høiberg/Holldorff
9 – music and lyrics by Høiberg
10 – music by Høiberg, lyrics by Holldorff
Produced and arranged by Dim Gray
Edited by Oskar Holldorff and Håkon Høiberg
Mixed by Anders Bjelland
Mastered by Espen Høydalsvik at Oslo:Fuzz
Artwork and design by Linnea Vestre