Price: £33.99
Format: Vinyl
Artist: Emerson, Lake & Palmer
CatNo: 4050538180350
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Welcome Back Emerson Lake Palmer vinyl ELP
A 2016 triple 140g vinyl reissue of ELP's epic 1974 live release.
Mastered from a 2014 24 bit / High Density remaster of the original album by Andy Pearce in a replica of the elaborate original sleeve artwork with triple die-cut gatefold sleeve, die-cut E L P sleeve letters, special metallic 5th colour and embossed logo.
Includes foreword by Greg Lake.
The Original 1974 Album - The 2016 Remaster:
Side 1:
1. Hoedown (Taken From Rodeo)
2. Jerusalem
3. Toccata (An Adaption Of Ginastera's 1st Piano Concerto, 4th Movement)
Side 2: 
1. Tarkus: Eruption / Stones Of Years / Iconoclast / Mass / Manticore / Battlefield (Including Epitaph)
Side 3:
1. Tarkus  - Aquatarkus (Conclusion)
2. Take A Pebble (Including Still... You Turn Me On And Lucky Man)
Side 4:
1. Piano Improvisations (Including Friedrich Gulda's Fugue And Joe Sullivan's Little Rock Getaway)
2. Take A Pebble (Conclusion)
3. Jeremy Bender / The Sheriff (Medley)
Side 5:
1. Karn Evil Nine: 1st Impression (includes Percussion Solo, Con Brio) 
Side 6:
1. Karn Evil Nine: 2nd Impression 
2. Karn Evil Nine: 3rd Impression