Price: £15.99
Format: Vinyl
Artist: Pictures
CatNo: EGED32
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Pictures Pictures promo vinyl

Experimental synth-pop from the members of Freeez, Andy Stennett and John Rocca. 1983 UK original version. 

Stamped "Promotional Copy Not For Resale" on the back. Vinyl in non-gatefold sleeve with the EG catalogue printed on the inner sleeve.

Please note these copies have vinyl-shaped wear on the front and back. Sold as seen, no returns

1 Lullabye 4:12
2 Nursery Rap 0:32
3 Dancing Mind To Mind 5:00
4 Skrahs 3:30
5 Battle Of The Leaves 8:15
1 Black Tiger 4:55
2 Loneliness 5:02
3 Child In A Sweet Shop 4:05
4 Adventure Lost 4:40
5 Voodoo 3:47