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Brian Eno Music For Films Limited Promo vinyl
The ultra-rare 1976 promotional Director’s Edition of Brian Eno's glorious Music For Films
Conceived as a means of promoting Eno's music to film directors and television companies, the album was produced as a one-off pressing of 500 copies. This promo version features a 27 track sequence that radically differs from the 18 track official 1978 release. 
Vinyl in non-gatefold sleeve with black paper Island Records inner bag.
VG The record itself has one spindle mark on Side B
Please note this copy has been in storage for more than forty years. Sold as seen, no returns.
Side One
1 Becalmed
2 Deep Waters
3 'There Is Nobody'
4 Spain
5 Untitled
6 The Last Door
7 Chemin De Fer
8 Dark Waters
9 Sparrowfall (1)
10 Sparrowfall (2)
11 Sparrowfall (3)
12 Evening Star
13 Another Green World
Side Two
1 In Dark Trees
2 Fuseli
3 Melancholy Waltz
4 Northern Lights
5 From The Coast
6 Shell
7 Little Fishes
8 Empty Landscape
9 Reactor
10 The Secret
11 Don't Look Back
12 Marseilles
13 Final Sunset
14 Juliet