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Format: CD
Artist: Nigel Mullaney
CatNo: DIN67
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nigel mullaney the turning ian boddy cd
The last year has shown all of us how fragile our existence is and how vital it is to nurture a physical and artistic connection to creativity and those that surround us. Whilst dominated by modular textures and sequences, Nigel Mullaney's sweeping and cinematic The Turning is an album that was forged from these raw emotions.
Ian Boddy curated the track selection and running order to enhance the album's emotional complexity and sense of hope.
CD in digipak.
01 Lost At Sea   06:44
02 Alison   07:47 
03 I Talk To The Skies   06:09  
04 Higher Altitude   05:28
05 Berlin Nocturne   06:58  
06 Astral Turf   05:10
07 Modulationism   06:10 
08 On Reflection I Should Have Stayed   04:53
09 The Turning   05:22
10 Nostalgia Bomb   06.36