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Format: cd
Artist: Ian Boddy
CatNo: DiN51
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Ian Boddy As Above So Below cd
Boddy combines Ambient, Classical and Electronic styles to create music with a truly cinematic quality on this suite of 6 tracks.
Ian Boddy, DiN label boss, has never been a musician to rest on his laurels. Following the totally analogue and experimental Tone Science, he moves onto fresh sonic pastures with As Above So Below. Boddy has always liked to play around with genres, mixing and matching styles to suit his current frame of mind. After years of experience writing music for TV, with As Above So Below Boddy brings a filmic quality to bear on this suite of six tracks.
Digipak CD edition.
1. As Above So Below (6:00)
2. Quantum Of Memory (6:53)
3. Time Lapse (6:21)
4. Shrine (8:16)
5. The Thaumaturge (6:12)
6. One Day (5:15)
All tracks composed, programmed and recorded by Ian Boddy July 2015 - June 2016. Edited, mixed & mastered by Ian Boddy July 2016.
Cover photo by Wendy Carroll @