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Format: CD
Artist: Ian Boddy & Erik Wøllo
CatNo: DIN73
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Ian Boddy and Erik Wollo Revolve CD DiN
Revolve is the fourth collaborative project between DiN label boss Ian Boddy and acclaimed Norwegian composer and guitarist Erik Wøllo.
Revolve is a continuous sonic journey, with the tracks joined together by sections of sonic ambience and field recordings. The combination of Boddy's Moog and modular sequencing with Wøllo's ostinato guitar patterns creates sections that ebb and flow structurally with a beguiling sense of space and freedom. Beautifully ethereal textures give way to pulsing rhythmic sequencers underpinned by solid bass lines and shimmering percussion lines.
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1. Tellus Mater   05:43
2. Abeona   07:13
3. Revolve   06:44
4. Terra Incognito   05:33
5. Turnabout   05:10
6. The Winding Path   06:26
7. Apogee   07:13
8. Adiona   07:36