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Format: CD
Artist: Bluetech
CatNo: DiN57
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Bluetech Liquid Geometries Ian Boddy Electronica CD
2018’s Liquid Geometries sees Bluetech exploring shifting landscapes of melodic, sequenced lines using a huge range of analogue modular synthesisers. 
With a distinct nod to the Berlin School masters of the past, Bluetech upgrades his Electronic musical heritage with nine shimmering soundscapes that utilise modern production techniques to create beautiful tapestries of sound. 
Ian Boddy performs his distinctive Ondes Martenot analogue synth on Tranquility Gate. 
01 Bardo Waves  6:42  
02 Vessels  7:34      
03 Helix  5:18     
04 Crystalline Forms  6:22      
05 Subterranea  5:18    
06 Dawn Ascent  7:17      
07 Tranquility Gate  7:53      
08 Resonating Heart  5:42
09 Underground Lakes  6:10