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Format: CD
Artist: David Cross Band
CatNo: Noisy 003
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Closer Than Skin David Cross Band cd King Crimson
Closer Than Skin is the fifth David Cross Band album.
An arresting new form of genuinely progressive Rock music, the album merges elements from David's past with King Crimson and his own Classical musical heritage.
Written in collaboration with bassist Mick Paul and King Crimson lyricist Richard Palmer-James.
"Good album! It continues a line of the work we did together in 1973 that no-one else has quite followed." 
- Robert Fripp
"It is an album of modern rock and prog rock and the best I've heard this year" 
- Dick Heath (The Alternative Alternative Show: June 2005)
"Closer Than Skin is without doubt the most coherent and artistically successful album of rock songs released by any of the ex-Crimson alumni."  - Sid Smith
1. Are we one? 
2. State of Deception 
3. Over your shoulder
4. Only fooling 
5. Awful love 
6. Counting 
7. I buy silence 
8. Valley of the king
9. Tell me your name 
10. Anybody
David Cross: Violins
Paul Clark: Guitar 
Arch Stanton and Jonathon Casey: Vocals 
Mick Paul: Bass 
Lloyd: Drums
All songs written by Cross/Paul/Palmer-James.