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Format: CD-R
Artist: Darkroom
CatNo: BS_155_CD-r
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electronica seethrough darkroom cd-r
Originally released in 1999, Seethrough is the most dynamic, twisted and song-orientated release in the band's career.
Seven slices of electronica-driven aural assaults (occasionally recalling the more extreme experiments of Underworld or Wild Opera-era No-Man), find Messrs Bearpark, Bowness and Os maniacally playing with the possibilities of the turn of the century pop song.
How S Club 8 should sound in 2003!
1 King of the Cowboy Singers 3:58
2 Bottleneck 10:44
3 Bludgeon Riffola 5:14
4 Galaxy Craze 4:35
5 Charisma Carpenter 7:02
6 Kaylenz 13:58
7 Seethrough 4:11
all tracks written and performed by darkroom
peter chilvers plays bass on 3, 4 & 6
produced by os
recorded in cambridge november 1998 - june 1999
remastered august 2003