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Format: cd
Artist: The Nice
CatNo: SNAP164CD
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Released in November 1968, Ars Longa Vita Brevis picked up ecstatic reviews at the time of its release, with Melody Maker calling it, 'A major breakthrough in pop group experimentation.' 
The album's complex and ambitious title track - an ELP blueprint of sorts - took up the whole of the second side and featured the brass and string sections of The London Philharmonic Orchestra and highlighted the early compositional artistry of Keith Emerson.
This enhanced reissue features four bonus tracks, including their controversial version of Bernstein's 'America' which gave the group its biggest hit single. 
1. Daddy, Where Did I Come From?
2. Little Arabella
3. Happy Freuds
4. Intermezzo From The Karelia Suite
5. Don Edito El Gruva
6. Ars Longa Vita Brevis (Symphony For Group And Orchestra):
  a) Prelude 
  b) 1st Movement - Awakening
  c) 2nd Movement - Realisation
  d) 3rd Movement - Acceptance, 'Brandenburger'
  e) 4th Movement - Denial 
  f) Coda - Extension To The Big Note
Bonus Tracks:
7. America (2nd Amendment)
8. Diamond-Hard Blue Apples Of The Moon
9. Daddy, Where Did I Come From? (Early Version)
10. Brandenburger (Demo).