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Artist: Magma
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Magma Trilogy cd
A digipak triple cd set for the price of a single cd featuring three classic Magma releases from the 1970s.
Trilogy brings together 2 studio albums, Attahk and Udu Wudu, alongside 1975's blistering Live/Hhai.
Udu Wudu was recorded in 1976 in Paris at the peak of Magma's popularity. The album's undoubted highlight is the 17-minute epic 'De Futura', described by Vander himself as, "A magical and enchanting voyage through time."
Released in 1978, Attahk is one of Magma's most vibrant and accessible albums which marked a new phase in the group's musical journey. Placing more emphasis than before on rhythm, rumbling bass lines and lead vocals. Driven along by the inspired drumming of leader Christian Vander, the sound is reminiscent at times of intense fusion groups such as Mahavishnu Orchestra and Return To Forever. 
Magma Live was originally released as a double album and recorded at one of the band's live shows in Paris in 1975. The set includes the incredible 32- minute epic Kohntark. 
Featuring sleeve notes from Pierre Perrone.
Disc 1 - Magma Live:
1. Kohntark
2. Kobah
3. Lihns
4. Hhai
5. Mekanik Zain
Disc 2 - Udu Wudu:
1. Udu Wudu 
2. Weidorje
3. Troller Tanz (Ghost Dance)
4. Soleil D'Ork (Ork Sun)
5. Zombies (Ghost Dance)
6. De Futura
Disc 3 - Attahk:
1. The Last Seven Minutes (1970-1971, Phase 1)
2. Spiritual (Negro Song)
3. Rinde (Eastern Song)
4. Lirik Necronomicus Kant (In Which Our Heroes Ourgon And Gorgo Meet)
5. Maahnt (The Wizard's Fight Vs The Devil)
6. Dondai (To An Eternal Love)
7. Nono (1978, Phase 11)
- Benoit Widemann / keyboards
- Bernard Paganotti / bass
- Christian Vander / drums, vocals
- Didier Lockwood / violin
- Gabrid Federow / guitar
- Jean-Paul Asseline / keyboards
- Klaus Blasquiz / vocals
- Stella Vander / vocals
Udu Wudu:
- Christian Vander / percussion, vocals, piano, keyboards, drums
- Jannik Top / bass, Brass arrangements, vocals, synthesizer 
- Klaus Blasquiz / vocals 
- Stella Vander / vocals 
- Lisa "Deluxe" Bois / vocals 
- Lucille Cullaz / vocals 
- Catherine Szpira / vocals 
- Pierre Dutour / trumpet 
- Alain Hatot / saxophone, flutes 
- Bernard Paganotti / bass, vocals, percussion 
- Patrick Gauthier / keyboards 
- Michel Graillier / keyboards 
- Benoît Widemann / keyboards
- Christian Vander (Dëhrstün) / lead vocals, drums, percussion, Grand piano, Rhodes, Chamberlin 
- Guy Delacroix (Ürgon) and (Gorgo) / "Earth" bass, "Air" bass 
- Klaus Blasquiz / vocals 
- Benoit Widemann (Kahal) / Grand piano, Rhodes, Mini-Moog, Oberheim polyphonic 
- Stella Vander (Thaud) / vocals 
- Lisa "Deluxe" Bois (Sïhnn) / vocals 
- Tony Russo / trumpet 
- Jacques Bolognesi / trombone
Trilogy comprises the three albums Magma originally released on the Tomato label in the mid-late 1970s and was originally released in September 2012. 
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