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Format: CD
Artist: Johndavid Bartlett
CatNo: SNAX643CD
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Johndavid Bartlett Falling Through The Universe CD
Until now Johndavid Bartlett has been a legendary lost voice, integral to the foundation of Houston's underground scene in the mid-Sixties. From a tender age his talent was encouraged by Janis Joplin, nurtured by the infamous Red Krayola, informed by the notorious 13th Floor Elevators and, most incredibly, taught by the master himself... Lightnin' Hopkins. It's unsurprising then that there should now be international interest in a long overdue retrospective for this renegade psychedelic troubadour. 
Johndavid signed to the legendary yet notorious International Artists label aged seventeen. This is his story as told through his association with the maverick artists signed to the label, who inspired and inform the music on this CD. His International Artists recordings are now deemed lost forever so this is a compilation of the earliest surviving recordings of the songs he performed from the mid-Sixties to the early Seventies. Regardless of when they were recorded, the arrangements remain faithful to the original performances. While the past can't be replaced, the ideas, words and sounds can be encapsulated before they are permanently lost to time and space.
1. Anniversary Song (End of the Day)
2. Rain 
3. Levitation 
4. Nobody To Love 
5. Driftin'
6. Falling Through the Universe 
7. Slipslouch 
8. Furry Legged Pan 
9. I Had To Tell You 
10. Right Track Now 
11. Slide Machine 
12. Bunni's Song 
13.Tree Frog Lady 
14. Jubilation 
15. Splash One 
16.You're Gonna Miss Me 
17. Street Song
18. Solid Memory 
19. City Fires 
20. She's Got The Soul