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Format: CD
Artist: Jimmy Reed
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Jimmy Reed Rockin With Reed CD
'The 1959 Vee-Jay album (LP1008) with four bonus tracks. As the original sleeve notes noted 'These folks are playing real blues and they don't care who knows it.'  Steve Miller's choice for Last Night A Record Changed My Life' MOJO
"The simplicity of his music, so pure and honest, the band, his heartbreaking harmonica, guitar work, his lyrics - everything instantly knocked me out. But what really touched me was the overall sound; It sounds so good to this day."
Jimmy Reed is one the world's most highly-regarded blues artists, his impressive string of hits during the Fifties and the Sixties making him one of the most successful blues singers of the era. His music inspired numerous rock bands during the Sixties blues boom, including The Rolling Stones, The Grateful Dead and Eric Clapton.
'Rockin' With Reed' is one in a series of enhanced re-issues of classic blues albums originally released by Vee-Jay Records. This year marks the 50th Anniversary of the founding of Vee-Jay and this blues series forms part of Charly's reissue program of highlights from the label's extensive catalogue.
As with the earlier titles in this series, 'Rockin' With Reed' features the original album's striking artwork with a new introduction written by blues authority Les Fancourt. The accompanying booklet includes the album's original sleeve notes and a full discography.
'Rockin' With Reed', released in 1959 by Vee-Jay, was Reed's second album for the label and features such classics as 'Take Out Some Insurance' and 'Going To New York'
Four bonus tracks have been added for this reissue, which include two rare single versions of 'Honey, Where You Going' and 'Signals Of Love'
1 Going To New York 2:16
2 A String To Your Heart 2:42
3 Ends & Odds 2:12
4 Caress Me Baby 2:47
5 Take Out Some Insurance 2:18
6 The Moon Is Rising 2:23
7 Down In Virginia 2:23
8 I Know It's A Sin 2:23
9 Wanna Be Loved 2:14
10 Baby, What's On Your Mind 3:05
11 My Bitter Seed 2:12
12 Rockin' With Reed 2:28
13 When You Left Me 2:31
14 Honey, Where You Going? 2:36
15 I Don't Go For That 2:43
16 Signals Of Love (Single Version) 2:41
1. When You Left Me
2. Honey, Where You Going? (Single version)
3. I Don't Go For That
4. Signals Of Love (Single version)