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Format: CD
Artist: International Artists
CatNo: IA#15/CD-P
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cd international artists an explosion from houston texas
International Artists 1966-1969
This 10 track CD collects highlights from across the International Artists catalogue.
The 13th Floor Elevators-Reverberation
From the forthcoming release 'The Psychedelic Sounds of...'-SNAX604CD (enhanced deluxe double disc edition). Originally IALP#1
Red Crayola-Hurricane Fighter Plane
From 'The Parable of Arable Land', originally IALP#2, now available on the double set SNAP277CD including also the 'God Bless the Red Krayola'
Lost And Found-Everybody's Here 
From 'Everybody's Here', originally IALP#3, now available on the limited  deluxe edition-SNAX608CD
The Golden Dawn-Starvation
From 'Power Plant', originally IALP#4, now available on the limited  deluxe edition-SNAX602CD
The 13th Floor Elevators-I Had to Tell You
From the forthcoming release 'Easter Everywhere'-SNAX605CD (enhanced deluxe double-disc edition). Originally IALP#5
Lightnin' Hopkins-Mini Skirt
From the forthcoming limited deluxe edition, 'Free Form Patterns', originally IALP#6.
The 13th Floor Elevators-Dr Doom
From the forthcoming release 'Bull of the Woods'-SNAX606CD (enhanced deluxe double-disc edition). Originally IALP#9
The Bubble Puppy- Lonely
From 'A Gathering of Promises', originally IALP#10, now available on the limited deluxe edition-SNAX603CD
Dave Allen-CC Rider
From the original album 'Color Blind'-IALP#11.
Endle St Cloud-Come Through
From 'Thank you all very much', originally IALP#13, now available on the limited  deluxe edition-SNAX609CD