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Format: CD
Artist: John Lee Hooker
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John Lee Hooker Im John Lee Hooker CD

'Vintage blues and then some from the revered bluesman. Picture the wooden shack stove and pull up a rocking chair for this splendid reissue of the 1959 classic, augmented with a different take on I'm So Worried Baby and a chilled-out Unfriendly Woman. Remarkably prescient blues sounds live here in the shape of Hooker classics like Dimples, Crawlin' King Snake and Boogie Chillun. It's a quiet storm of controlled chaos from the man who put the grits in the Grammies' UNCUT

1. Dimples, Hobo Blues
2. I'm So Excited
3. I Love You Honey
4. Boogie Chillun
5. Little Wheel
6. I'm In The Mood
7. Maudie
8. Crawlin' King Snake
9. Every Night
10. Time Is Marching
11. Baby Lee.
1. Unfriendly Woman
2. I'm So Worried Baby (Alt Take)
3. Trouble Blues
4. You Can Lead Me Baby