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Artist: Johnny Cash
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Johnny Cash All Aboard The Blue Train Original Sun Sound CD
The Oscar winning biopic 'Walk The Line', and the continued success of the recordings he made with Rick Rubin for American Records, means that Johnny Cash's iconic status remains as strong as ever despite his death in 2003.
It was at Sam Phillip's legendary Sun Records however that Johnny Cash came to prominence, pioneering a style of country that was all his own and in the fullness of time turned him into one of the giants of the country music scene.
Here presented together on a single CD for the first time are two of the seven Johnny Cash albums released by the original Sun label, his sixth album, 'All Aboard The Blue Train' from 1962, and his last Sun album, 'Original Sun Sound', released in 1964. 
This unique reissue includes the hard-to-find overdubbed versions of several songs which were made and used for the original album releases, including 'I Walk The Line', 'Folsom Prison Blues' and 'Give My Love To Rose'.
The album also features ten bonus tracks taken from 'Johnny Cash Sings Hank Williams', effectively making this three albums on one CD reissue.
The 34 featured tracks provide an excellent overview of Johnny Cash's Sun era. As well as including many of his hits, including 'Big River', 'I Love You Because', 'Oh, Lonesome Me' and 'Mean Eyed Cat', they feature several of his lesser-known gems. 
Original Sun Sound (1964)
1. Always Alone
2. Country Boy
3. Goodnight Irene
4. Wide Open Road
5. Thanks A Lot
6. Big River
7. Belshazah
8. Born To Lose
9. New Mexico
10. I Forgot To Remember To Forget
11. Two Timin' Woman
12. The Story Of A Broken Heart
All Aboard the Blue Train (1962)
13. Blue Train
14. There You Go
15. Train Of Love
16. Goodbye, Little Darlin'
17. I Heard That Lonesome Whistle Blow
18. Come In Stranger
19. Rock Island Line
20. Give My Love To
21. Rose (Overdubbed)
22. Hey! Porter
23. Folsom prison Blues (Overdubbed)
24. The Wreck Of The Old '97
25. So Doggone Lonesome
Bonus tracks from Johnny Cash Sings Hank Williams (1960)
26. I Can't Help It
27. You Win Again
28. Hey, Good Lookin'
29. I Could Never Be Ashamed Of You
30. Next In Line
31. Straight A's In Love
32. Folsom prison Blues (Overdubbed)
33. I Walk The Line (Overdubbed)
34. I Love You Because
35. Mean Eyed Cat