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Format: vinyl
Artist: The Meters
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Look-Ka Py Py The Meters Vinyl


A heavyweight vinyl reissue of the founding fathers of funk's second album from 1969.
As New Orleans producer Allen Toussaint's houseband at Sansu Records, The Meters began performing in the mid-60s lending their talents as backing musicians to Dr John, Lee Dorsey and later Paul McCartney and Robert Palmer.  
Blending melodic grooves and syncopated NOLA rhythms, The Meters' highly charged guitar riffs and keyboard workouts helped integrate the Crescent City sound into mainstream Pop.  
Although they contributed to scores of hit records, success in their own right proved elusive and yet their influence endures thanks in part the Hip Hop scene, whose artists liberally sampled the band's inimitable proto-funk moves.
Produced by Allen Toussaint and Marshall Sehorn and recorded at Le Fevre Sound Studios in Atlanta, GA, the all-instrumental Look-Ka Py Py builds on the success of the R&B hits 'Sophisticated Sissy' and 'Sissy Strut' from earlier in 1969.  
Ranked #216 in Rolling Stone magazine's 500 Greatest Albums of All Time.


Side 1:
1. Look-Ka Py Py
2. Rigor Mortis
3. Pungee
4. Thinking
5. This Is My Last Affair
6. Funky Miracle
Side 2:
1. Yeah, You're Right
2. Little Old Money Maker
3. Oh, Calcutta!
4. The Mob
5. 9 'Til 5
6. Dry Spell