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Format: CD
Artist: Caravan
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Paradise Filter Caravan CD Canterbury

Caravan's first studio album for 10 years retains the band's trademark combination of Pop and Progressive influences, and its wry sense of humour.

Highlighting Pye Hastings' peerless vocals and ongoing dedication to song craft, Paradise Filter is a welcome return to action for the Canterbury legends.

1. All This Could Be Yours (4:30)
2. I'm On My Way (4:27)
3. Fingers In The Till (4:45)
4. This Is What We Are (4:11)
5. Dead Man Walking (5:59)
6. Farewell My Old Friend (4:07)
7. Pain In The Arse (4:30)
8. Trust Me, I'm A Doctor (4:28)
9. I'll Be There For You (6:14)
10. The Paradise Filter (6:0)


- Pye Hastings/Vocals, guitars
- Mark Walker/Drums
- Jan Schelhaas/Keyboards, backing vocals
- Doug Boyle/Lead guitar
- Geoffrey Richardson/Viola, banjo,acoustic guitar, backing vocals
- Jim Leverton/Bass, backing vocals
All titles written by Pye Hastings except paradise filter written by Geoffrey Richardson and Jan Schelhaas.