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Format: cd
Artist: Brand X
CatNo: HST184CD
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Brand X Missing Period JazzRock CD

Missing Period contains the earliest known recordings of Brand X.

Recorded between 1975-76 shortly before the release of the group's Charisma label debut, the album documents the classic Collins/Jones/Goodsall/Heyman/Lumley line-up at its most exploratory.
Some of the material emerged in a different form on later albums, but most remains exclusive to this wonderful snapshot of the birth of one of the UK's greatest ever Jazz Rock groups


1. Dead Pretty (7:11) 
2. Kugelblitz (11:03) 
3. Ancient Mysteries (7:19) 
4. Why won't you lend me yours? (8:46) 
5. Miserable virgin (8:55) 
6. Tito's leg (7:23) 
This is a Gonzo label edition (catalogue # HST184CD).