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Artist: John Lee Hooker
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John Lee Hooker Nothing But The Blues cd

John Lee Hooker (August 22, 1917 – June 21, 2001) was an American blues singer, songwriter and guitarist. He was born in Mississippi, the son of a sharecropper, and rose to prominence performing an electric guitar-style adaptation of Delta blues. Hooker often incorporated other elements, including talking blues and early North Mississippi Hill country blues. He developed his own driving-rhythm boogie style, distinct from the 1930s–1940s piano-derived boogie-woogie style. Some of his best known songs include "Boogie Chillen'" (1948), "Crawling King Snake" (1949), "Dimples" (1956), "Boom Boom" (1962), and "One Bourbon, One Scotch, One Beer" (1966). This collection from the 1990s includes brilliant performances of some classic material.


I Feel So Good
Should've Been Gone
Call It The Night
Looking Back Over My Day
Dazie Mae
Stand By
Bury My Body
We're Cooking
Roll and Tumble
Bottle of Wine
Baby Don't Do Me Wrong