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Bill Nelson Stand By Light Coming Limited CD
Described as, ‘Music for ageing melancholiacs,’ Stand By: Light Coming... is the new - limited edition - release from the legend that is Bill Nelson.
Bill’s first release exclusively available through Burning Shed, the album was recorded between January and April 2019.
Featuring his unique vocals and guitar playing throughout, Nelson says, 'This album has a lot of sadness, but it's a sadness tinged with joy. Like dark clouds surrounded by golden rays.'
CD with 4-page booklet.
’Stand By: Light Coming…’ is a 15 track, vocal-based album recorded in my home studio earlier this year. If there is a point of unity to the album’s diverse sounds, it could be said that it generally uses the enigmatic nature of ’time’ as its theme. Images of watches and clocks abound in the lyrics which deal with the increasing rush of time and the rapid retreat of the past into nostalgia. Vocal and electric guitar-driven, it plots a path of aggressive melancholia and offers a meditation on impermanence.
Bill Nelson. June 2019.
Recorded in parallel with a separate, currently unreleased, project, Cathode Paintbox, Stand By: Light Coming... is likely to be one of the last albums completed on Nelson's trusted recording and mixing set up that has served him since 2002.  
Amongst the guitars used on these recordings were two new acquisitions – a Backlund Super 100 MDX purchased by Nelson's fan base in honour of his 70th birthday the previous December and a Musicvox Space Cadet that Nelson acquired from the funds left over from the donations received for the birthday gift.  
The album began life with the working title of Vulcan Street but by Mid-February Nelson was having second thoughts about this title (and eventually its original title track).  Having wrestled with this issue for 2 months Nelson finally abandoned the original album title on 16 April 2019 and from the 25 pieces composed since January 2019 assembled a 15 track album with the title Stand By: Light Coming...  One of the tracks included on this album, 'My Shadow Cast By Midnight Moon', is an outtake from Auditoria recorded in 2018.  The surplus material from the January to May 2019 sessions were then either used for The Last Lamplighter (Return to Vulcan Street) companion release or rejected altogether.
Mastered at Fairview by John Spence. Cover by Martin Bostock.


01)  Flicker And Fade
02)  Ghostland
03)  I Really Don't Exist
04)  Headlamp Moon
05)  This Is Not A Dream
06)  Falling Into Blue
07)  The Angel With Television Eyes
08)  Rusty Bells
09)  Stand By: Light Coming...
10)  My Shadow Cast By Midnight Moon
11)  The Way My World Works
12)  No Room In My Head
13)  As Quickly As A Kiss
14)  Like Autumn Leaves We Fall
15)  Fading Away