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Format: cd
Artist: Bill Nelson
CatNo: SLSCD002
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Bill Nelson Songs of the Blossom Tree Optimi limited CD

The charming and lyrical Songs Of The Blossom Tree Optimists from 2012 is a vocal album.

The album grew out of Bill Nelson's early recordings for Model Village, once he'd decided to make that album entirely instrumental. 

Songs Of The Blossom Tree Optimists was the second release that Nelson designated as part of his ‘Super Listener Series’.

CD in digipak. Issued in a limited run of 1000 copies.

01)  The Blossom Tree Optimists
02)  Standing on Tiptoes, Reaching for the Sky
03)  Memory is a Data Cloud Forever Primed with Rain
04)  Rambling Through the Meadows (Wonder Wise)
05)  Garden of Cascades 
06)  My Botticelli Angel
07)  When Boys Were Lost for Words
08)  Lovers in the Pleasure Gardens  
09)  The Buzz, Buzz, Buzz of the Forever Bee
10)  The Girl Who Was Electrically Carried Away
11)  One Summer Night
12)  Silent Glides My Armstrong Siddeley
13)  These are the Dreams
14)  Gathered in at Gloaming
15)  The Blossom Tree Optimists (Alternative Mix)