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Bill Nelson Signals From Realms of Light limited CD

Signals From Realms Of Light - from 2011 - is an instrumental album released on the Sonoluxe label issued in a single print run of 1000 copies.

The album grew out of another titled The Mysterious Echo Chamber Of Priapus Stratocaster. A change in musical direction and difficulties in realising appropriate artwork for an album with that title led to a revised working title of Greetings From The Realms of Light. Bill Nelson then decided that the material he'd assembled for the project was best split across two very different albums, and the tracks initially created with Priapus Stratocaster in mind were removed to allow Signals From Realms Of Light to more fully develop. 

CD in jewel case.

01)  I Am the Universe
02)  Past and Present (And the Space Between)
03)  Beam Service
04)  The Spirit That Remembers
05)  Happy Realms of Light
06)  Days of Golden Dreams
07)  Dark and Bright