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Format: cd
Artist: World Drummers Ensemble
CatNo: BBSF015DD
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Bill Bruford World Drummers Ensemble A Coat Of Many Colours CD
Doudou N'Diaye Rose (Senegalese master of the sabar), Chad Wackerman, (Frank Zappa, Allan Holdsworth), Luis Conte (Madonna, Michael Jackson), and Bill Bruford - four percussion masters - come together for a highly charged musical exchange.
For those unfamiliar with the astonishing and increasing grip of the percussive arts as an innovative force in music across continents, this Dual Disc CD / DVD offers conclusive proof, were any needed, that rhythm beats at the heart of all things.
The music includes pieces from all group members, but also from Switzerland via Pierre Favre, Turkey via the Harem Percussion Group, America via Max Roach, and there's even a re-working of King Crimson's B'Boom. 
This Dual Disc CD audio / DVD documents over an hour of their ambitious programme from concerts in Amsterdam and Brussels, and includes a complimentary 15 minute DVD on the reverse side.
Audio CD Content:
1. Conundrum 
2. Majorette 
3. Prism 
4. Baye Kene N'Diaye
5. Ritm Kompozisyon
6. A Coat Of Many Colours
7. Self Portrait
8. Sa N'Diaye
9. B'Boom 
10. Encuentro (Encounter)
Visual DVD Content (Reverse of Disc)
1. In Concert Footage
2. Track Selection
3. Additional Info