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Format: cd
Artist: Moraz-Bruford
CatNo: BBWF011CD
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Live In Tokyo Moraz-Bruford CD
The only official live album available from the peerless duo of Moraz-Bruford, In Tokyo is a recording taken from a performance at the Laforet Museum, Akasaka, Tokyo.
The 10 tracks capture the duo at the peak of their game. As commentator Sid Smith remarks:
'Though there's an undeniable jazzy vibe to much of what's going on, there's also more than a hint of the symphonically-inclined prog-rock in which both players cut their professional musical teeth. Though clearly well-structured they offer plenty of opportunities to display the lightning-quick reactions and sharp dynamics best exemplified on the racy epic and original album closer, Hazy.'
'The group's music is the perfect juncture between Bruford's progressive leanings and his future jazz interests.' - John Kelman, All About Jazz.
1. Blue Brains
2. Hazy 
3. Eastern Sundays 
4. Cachaca 
5. Galatea 
6. The Drum also Waltzes 
7. Flags 
8. Children's Concerto 
9. Jungles of the World 
10. Temples of Joy