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Format: cd
Artist: Moraz-Bruford
CatNo: BBWF002CD
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Flags Moraz-Bruford CD
Bruford and Moraz, two former members of Yes, united in the mid-1980s, based on a shared love of Jazz and a desire to experiment outside of the confines of their more familiar projects.
Released in 1985, 'Flags' was the more synth-orientated of the pair's two studio collaborations - a technologically enhanced development of Piano/Drums - and featured original material, alongside a cover of Max Roach's 'The Drum Also Waltzes'. 
1. Temples Of Joy
2. Split Seconds
3. Karu
4. Impromptu Too!
5. Flags 
6. Machine Programmed By Genes
7. The Drum Also Waltzes
8. Infra Dig 
9. A Way With Words
10. Everything You've Heard is True
11. Eastern Sundays
12. Children's Concerto
13. Galatea