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Format: cd
Artist: Bill Bruford
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Bill Bruford Summerfold Collection CD
A double CD compiling 22 of the best tracks from across 12 Summerfold albums.
Summerfold Records was created in 2004 as a means of collecting and releasing music reflecting the more Jazz orientated side of Bill Bruford's music.
The Summerfold Collection features music from an eclectic range of artists including Bill Bruford's Earthworks, Michiel Borstlap, Ralph Towner, Tim Garland and World Drummers Ensemble. 
An ideal introduction to some of the most imaginative but lesser known work of Bill Bruford.
Disc 1:
1. Up North 
2. My Heart Declares a Holiday 
3. Pilgrim's Way 
4. Stromboli Kicks 
5. Temple of the Winds 
6. Candles Still Flicker in Romania's Dark 
7. Nerve 8. It Needn't End in Tears 
9. If Summer Had Its Ghosts 
10. Thistledown 
11. Dewey-Eyed, then Dancing 
12. No Truce with the Furies
Disc 2:
1. Revel Without a Pause 
2. The Sound of Surprise 
3. The 16 Kingdoms of the 5 Barbarians 
4. Kinship 
5. From the Source, We Tumble Headlong 
6. Baye Kene N'Diaye 
7. Footloose and Fancy Free 
8. Come To Dust 
9. White Knuckle Wedding 
10. Beelzebub