The second studio album by Bill's acoustic Jazz incarnation of Earthworks was immediately recorded following a gruelling 18 date tour in 2001.
Containing nine full-blooded tracks of hard-hitting acoustic Jazz weighing in at some 63 minutes, 'The Sound Of Surprise' represented the fruit of nine months of focused endeavour.
1. Revel Without A Pause (7:33) 
2. Triplicity (6:22) 
3. The Shadow Of A Doubt (6:07) 
4. Teaching Vera To Dance (8:14) 
5. Half Life (5:18) 
6. Come To Dust (9:56) 
7. Cloud Cuckoo Land (6:05) 
8. Never The Same Way Once (7:22) 
9. The Wooden Man Sings and The Stone Woman Dances (7:42) 
Bill Bruford - Drums
Steve Hamilton - Piano
Patrick Clahar - Tenor And Soprano Saxophones
Mark Hodgson - Bass
Produced By Bill Bruford For Bill Bruford Productions Ltd.
Recording Engineer: Mark Chamberlain
Assistant Engineers: Tom Davidson, Nick Coplowe
Mastering Engineer: David Singleton
Drum Tech: Ian Bush
Recorded And Mixed At Livingston Studios, London, November 2000.
Mastered At Discipline Global Mobile, Salisbury, Wiltshire.
Design, Photography And Illustration: Dave Mckean @ Hourglass