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Artist: Bill Bruford's Earthworks
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Bill Bruford Earthworks Footloose In NYC DVD
Recorded in 2001, and originally released as a companion DVD to the double CD 'Footloose and Fancy Free', 'Footloose in NYC' offers nearly 2 hours of of live performance, and 20 minutes of exclusive backstage footage and interviews.
An intimate evening of state-of-the-art jazz at The Bottom Line in New York City. 
"Effortless, elegant and economical, Bruford personifies the art of the drummer, and his group Earthworks cast new light on the jazz quartet format." - Los Angeles Times
This re-issued DVD now comes as a two DVD set containing a 90 minute bonus Sampler DVD of Bill discussing his other DVD titles in an illustrated interview with Jon Kirkman.
1. Revel Without A Pause 
2. Never the Same Way Once                  
3. Original Sin                                            
4. Come to Dust
5. Some Shiver While He Cavorts                               
6. The Wooden Man Sings, and the Stone Woman Dances
7. The Emperor's New Clothes
8. The Shadow of a Doubt
9. Triplicity
10. Footloose and Fancy Free
11. Cloud Cuckoo Land
12. Bridge of Inhibition
Concert footage
Backstage footage and interviews
Discography and biography
All regions. Dolby Surround Sound. Motion menus.