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Fancy Free Earthworks Bill Bruford 2CD
"Over hundreds of nights and thousands of concerts, the imperceptible removal of grime and accretion will, you hope, let your light shine forth more brightly" - Bill Bruford.
Bruford has, by his own count, played some 2800 concerts since his light began shining in the early 1970s, as a singularly brilliant art-rock drummer with Yes and King Crimson. This double live album, with tunes drawn mainly from the studio albums 'A Part, And Yet Apart' and 'The Sound of Surprise', shows Bruford in the context of the later acoustic sax-piano jazz quartet incarnation of his long-running Earthworks band.
5 out of 5 - Downbeat
Available as a standard, Japanese and a Bill Bruford signed edition.
Disc 1:
1. Footloose And Fancy Free (9:01) 
2. If Summer Had Its Ghosts (8:29) 
3. A Part, And Yet Apart (10:26) 
4. Triplicity (7:39) 
5. Come To Dust (10:53) 
6. No Truce With The Furies (6:55) 
7. The Wooden Man Sings, And The Stone Woman Dances (7:20) 
Disc 2:
1. Revel Without A Pause (8:42) 
2. Never The Same Way Once (10:16) 
3. Original Sin (7:49) 
4. Cloud Cuckoo Land (8:08) 
5. Dewey-eyed, Then Dancing (6:33) 
6. The Emperor's New Clothes (7:45) 
7. Bridge Of Inhibition (7:51) 
- Patrick Clahar / Tenor and soprano saxophones 
- Steve Hamilton / piano 
- Mark Hodgson / bass 
- Bill Bruford / drums