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Format: cd
Artist: Bill Bruford's Earthworks
CatNo: BBSF011CD
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All Heaven Broke Loose Bill Bruford Earthworks 2CD
By 1991 and the release of the Earthworks' third studio album, 'All Heaven Broke Loose', much of the chordal work was being created via Bill's electronic drums (heard to good effect here on the title track, and 'Candles Still Flicker In Romania's Dark'). 
Other key tracks include the House-inspired 'Splashing Out', and the North-African influenced 'Pigalle'.
This recording of 'All Heaven Broke Loose' has been re-mastered and includes two bonus tracks, 'Libreville' and 'Pilgrim's Way'.
As with other albums in the Summerfold series of releases, 'Stamping Ground' comes with a bonus disc containing music from the contrasting Winterfold catalogue and an exclusive interview with Bill Bruford.
'The perfect antidote to the increasingly grotesque jazz-fusion scene.' - The Scotsman
Available as standard and Bill Bruford signed editions.
1. Hotel Splendour 
2. Forget-Me-Not 
3. Candles Still Flicker In Romania's Dark 
4. Pigalle 
5. Temple Of The Winds 
6. Nerve 
7. Splashing Out 
8. All Heaven Broke Loose: (a) Psalm (b) Old Song 
Bonus Tracks
9. Libreville 
10. Pilgrim's Way